The Promised Stories, Part 3: Just a Reminder Spanking

Okay, I have to confess: I have been very long-winded in my posts lately. I always try to keep them brief, and then don’t want to leave out pertinent parts of the story…and they get long. Just for the record you guys all have my full permission to skim/skip/roll your eyes at them until they return to a normal length. :) This one should be a little shorter though…I hope!!

Saturday was our date day. We took the whole day off for just the two of us to do whatever we wanted.

We started it by sleeping in late and then eventually getting the day started around 8:30. We had plans to do a number of things that day so it took us a while to get out the door with everything we needed. But eventually we got ourselves and all of our junk into the car and we prepared to set out.

Before we left the driveway Jack prayed briefly over the day, which was very sweet and special. And while he was praying, I very rapidly made a decision.

I was feeling great, happy, settled…but something in the back of my mind told me that I had about two more hours of feeling that way before I’d need maintenance. I came to the rapid conclusion that rather than repeat yesterday’s drama, I’d just ask it for it right then when we could just do a quick reminder spanking and then be good to go for the rest for the day, drama free! (Just for the record, I was wrong…really wrong.)

When Jack finished praying, I was ready with my request.

“Babe, before we head out, can we maybe have a quick reminder spanking? Like not as long or serious as maintenance, just a reminder. Because everything is fine now, but I’d like to just take care of anything before we leave, when it won’t be a huge inconvenience like it will later.”

“Yeah, we can do that. We’ll stop by the toolshed on our way out.”

So we drove up to the area surrounding the toolshed, which is a pretty quiet and secluded road, and decided to do this spanking in the car rather than behind the toolshed. Jack positioned the car so he had a good view of any traffic and then moved to the middle of the seat.

He beckoned me over his lap and warmed me up with his hand, like usual. I was feeling calm and settled and was prepared to make this drama free.

The warm-up over, he had me get the plastic spoon from under his seat (where he keeps them between visits) and started with that. He talked with me, asking me questions about my role, my attitude, my behavior, helping me get fully into my ‘submissive mode’.

For some reason the spanking took a lot longer than either of us were anticipating. He kept asking if I was ready to be finished, but I had to keep saying no. I knew I wasn’t in the right place yet and if he stopped before I was finished, it would just be a mess later in the day. So I toughed it out and suprised both of us by how long it took.

I actually got more worked up at first than anything. I remember at one point he was spanking me pretty hard and just kept going and going, longer than he normally does all at once, and I got so frustrated I actually kind of scolded him. :)

“Ouch!! BABE! Why are you spanking so long?! THAT HURTS!”

But anyway…that was about the extent of the drama for that spanking. :)

Before too long I was done, and he finished up with some attention to my thighs…something I hate. And despite the fact that I reassured him repeatedly that I was quite finished, thank you very much, he took his sweet time about finishing up and lingered on my thighs for what felt like five million years…but was probably more accurately barely a minute or two.

Finally he finished, and we cuddled in the car, sweaty from the intense heat and humidity that the weather gave us for our date, but very much in love and ready to start what promised to be a wonderful date.

To be continued….

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2 thoughts on “The Promised Stories, Part 3: Just a Reminder Spanking

  1. I’m actually really impressed that you two communicate about when you’ve had enough and where you head is at during a spanking. We are just beginning to learn how to do that. Perhaps oldness brings on extra stubbornness or something…:)

    Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your date day.

    • Communication about how I’m doing during a spanking is something Jack has insisted on since very early on; he quickly learned that he would think I was finished quite a ways before I really was. So he would just ask me. And I learned pretty quickly that honesty is really the best policy in that situation. :)

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